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... I wrote that but honestly this is just a collection of the ones I like/made but can't exactly add onto my own emoticon list due to overdose. Thus, they shall all go here! Ahaha, also badly disarranged, good luck going through them instead.




Prince of Tennis

Sket Dance






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I've never really followed anime during the season it's being shown on (aside from New Prince of Tennis), so I thought I'd give a brief summary of my thoughts of the ones I decided to try. Feel free to skip this entry, this is mostly just me musing outloud.

- I admit, I wasn't sure what I was going to expect with this one especially since it has such a bizarre premise, but I'm hooked on it. The characters are very quirky and lovely, and the writers really did well with developing the suspense and flow of the story. The fact that it's not a very conventional plot (or design actually, as I don't recall seeing any other anime like it) adds to its charm, though sometimes I feel that the characterization of some characters fall flat in some areas and don't deliver it as well as I'd expect. Still, it's a fun anime, and definitely one I plan on finishing until the end.

Sakamichi no Apollon
- When I first realized that romance plays a rather large role in this one, I wasn't sure I'd last long in watching it. However, the art is gorgeous and all the characters, in my opinion, are really well-rounded in their own ways. I like how not everything is sunshine and butterflies with them, but it doesn't overdo the drama. It has it's points of laughter and points of sympathy, and while I'm not big on the romance thing, I definitely think this one's worth watching. It does start out a little slowly, but I think it works for the type of show it is. Also, the soundtrack is gorgeous! If not for anything else, it would be great to at least listen to the music.

Accel World
- Design-wise, I'm not too fond of it, only because I don't like moe-type female characters, which this one has. Some of the humor and scenes are a little awkward to me, and I admit the main character's negativity irritates me sometimes, but I think this show is a really good one overall. The story's a little cliche, especially with the idea of realistic MMO universes, but I do love the fact that the main character is very unconventional, and it delivers the action scenes very well. Also, the script isn't half-bad, and it's one I'll continue to watch for now to see if it gets better.

The Basketball that Kuroko Plays
- The anime gives more life to the manga, definitely, but I feel it falls a little flat in some areas as well. I can't find myself getting too excited with this one just yet. Then again, I wasn't that into the manga for 11 volumes either, so maybe it's just a slow start. What I do commend it for is that it has really gorgeous art, and the way they draw the characters moving around and playing basketball is really well-done! I'll continue to watch it though, if only because I wanna see if I'd like it more, or just to see my favorite characters being animated.

- I admit, I found this show a little slow and boring at first, which normally is okay with me. However, it also has a main female character who really grates on my nerves, and that makes it difficult to watch a whole episode even without wanting to just shut it off and watching something else. Despite that though, I do like the rest of the characters, and while it does start off slow, there's something about it that makes me want to see where the story will lead to. Of course, if by the next two episodes I still want to ragequit the series because of the main girl, I might just do that. We'll see how that goes.

I don't have any comments on Sket Dance, only because I'm not really into the anime, but I'm also watching it only because I like the manga and the fact that I wanna see Kiri animated. I also tried Baka to Test, but I'm still trying to get the feel for it. It's cute, but I dunno if I'd finish it if it doesn't catch my interest more.
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Hi, my name is Reine, and I wish you all a Happy New Year.

And now for the TL;DR )


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